Making your business more professional with ERP

Microsoft dynamis NAV

Gone are the days when businesses were handled on phone and updates on the project were given by a personal visit only. Well it was a time then; today it’s a different ball game all together. Today the way businesses function has taken c change. It has become more planned, more professional and of course more updated all the time. With the advent of the internet and the IT evolution things have changed a lot and one can surely say our functioning has become automated and pretty much better as well as simpler.  Software which has revolutionized the way businesses function and added dynamism to business and processes is the ERP. The whole idea behind ERP is to make the communication and client supplier interaction completely transparent.

What is it?

Enterprise Resource Planning in simpler terms is a information based platform where the information is passed on and shared. The best aspect of ERP is that at one time many people can share and view the updates on the project. Not just this ERP today carries the additional burden of carrying out inventory and product data management. In the initial years the ERP solutions were very specific and concise. In fact ERP then were providing customized solutions. However today ERP provides a bigger solution where it is an answer to possibly everything that you can think off in a business.

ERP has taken Project Management to a completely new level. ERP is part of all businesses and all industry segments. Be it Manufacturing, Selling and distribution, Payables, Receivables, Inventory, Accounts, Human resources, Purchases and whatever else you can think off. UXC Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one such ERP solution provider which has taken project management to a whole new level.

The versatility of ERP is such that it not just addresses the current requirements of the company but on the other hand it works on improving the existing processes in the company as well. It also puts your mind to think and gives you the opportunity to continually improve and refine the company’s business processes. Apart from the project management and process management ERP is a perfect tool assisting the HP department as well. Apart from keeping a track of the employee attendance and their remuneration ERP tracks events happening in the company and assists and plans for future events a s well. With ERP the benefits are endless all you need to do is  pick the best ERP solution for your company.

Redefining businesses the ERP and CRM way



Businesses today are not just about managing your production and completing the business task, but it’s about nicely managing your business, your clients and easing out your processes. This all is termed as managing and heading a good business where everything is well accounted for. This is where incorporating a few professional systems like UXC Microsoft Dynamics in your company that makes a whole lot of difference to its operation and definitely makes it a very professional and more profit making enterprise. UXC Eclipse provides detailed CRM solutions. The latest in this regards is the incorporation of the ERP and CRM software’s.

ERP & CRM softwares

These are two customer oriented business programs where ERP works around performing efficient resource management and analysis for effective data collection. On the other hand CRM maintains stronger relationships especially between the customer and the company. All said and done all that matters is retaining your customer and getting repeat business on account of the professionalism shown by the company. With ERP the customer will always be on top of all the information regarding the project and he would never feel ignored which is the most important in any business. All he reporting will be perfect with the ERP software and information is disseminated with no delays.

The Connect

When it comes to data collection and data analysis both ERP and CRM are very much related. In fact a broad program can easily be incorporated through an integrated system for both these programs and provide benefits. The aim is to produce a satisfied customer

Here are a few benefits by which one could make a more profitable business with CRM and ERP.

•Reduces time in documentation by automating the system and makes its system more users friendly and gives you as an owner time to look after other aspects of business.

•It leaves the managerial aspects less hectic as the processes become more streamlined and accountable.

•The initial costs are higher for the ERP and CRM. But in the long run it poses to be an asset where it adds to your profits. Also the integrated system will be economical as well.

•Also the information stored here will remain stored for a longer span of time and thus records will be stored for a longer period without any hassle.
CRM and ERP have and will always remain a boon for businesses. The sooner they are incorporated the better. All you need to do is pick the best software which best suits your needs.